About Us

Here at Vintique we have a passion for vintage clothing and our aim is to bring you the very best selection of vintage clothing and accessories from Europe, America and beyond!

The venture started with Vintique Clothing - our vision was, and still is, to source incredible vintage garments which allow our customers to express their unique, individual style. We have grown rapidly since we began and, along with our own site, we are a recommended seller on Depop and are well on our way to becoming a verified Top Seller! Check us out on Depop @vintique_clothing.

We also have a rapidly growing following on Instagram - check us out @vintique.clothing for sneak peeks, new drops, and discount codes!

We are firmly for promoting sustainability and individuality within our branding.  That's why all clothing that we sell is either vintage or pre-loved, meaning that both you and us are helping to ensure that fewer great pieces of clothing go to waste and, subsequently, fewer new environmentally-damaging 'fast fashion' pieces need to be made!

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