Silver Medusa Pendant Necklace

Versace style Medusa pendant and rope chain made of very high quality base materials and plated with a PVD Silver Coating.
PVD Silver Coated refers to jewellery made by sheets of silver bonded to the base by a vacuum coating process. More valuable, super premium quality and tarnish resistant than spray plated or silver filled. This has 10-20x thicker coating than any regular silver filled jewellery. It does not flake off, rub off or turn colours. It is extremely long lasting and if taken care of will last you a lifetime. If allergic to jewellery, we advise against purchasing.

Very strong clasp that is of the same build as on a solid silver rope chain. Not like most others that are for sale online.

+Pendant Dimensions: 29.97mm x 36.31mm
+Rope Necklace : 4mm 30 inches
+Heavy duty piece of jewellery
+Weight 60 grams

All jewellery sold is brand new and unworn

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