Vintage Nevica Ski Jacket in Teal and Hot Pink - Women's Large / Men's Small

Sick vintage ski jacket. Gotta start preparing for that winter ski break now and this would make a fab addition to those ‘I’m on a ski holiday’ insta pics!

+ Features: Nevica Spellout chest   

+ Colour: Pink, Teal   

+ Recommended size: Women’s Large

Model: 5’8, Large

We use a ‘recommended size’ guide to provide the most accurate equivalent modern size as vintage clothing sizes can vary so widely (for example, a vintage XL can often fit more like a large/oversized medium). If you would like to know the actual label size, please just ask!

Please note that all vintage items have been previously worn, and may show some signs of previous wear. However, any significant damage will be photographed in the item

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